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Free 27 point Inspection -

Protect your home and make sure your new roof is a 



  • Inspect the Deck

    • General condition of shingle field

      • Granular loss

      • Missing or damaged shingles

      • Nail pops

      • Wind and hail damage

    • General condition of hip and ridge cap

    • General condition of all roof penetrations

      • Roof jacks

      • Heat and vent stacks

      • Roof Vents

      • Counter flashing

      • Step flashing and kick outs

      • Sealant

    • General condition of Valleys

    • General condition of roof/wall transitions

      • Base flashing

      • Step flashing

      • Sealant

    • General condition of guttering

      • Attachments

      • Blockage

      • Ground drainage

    • Ventilation

      • Ventilation performance

      • Soffit Vents

      • Attic insulation and R-rating

      • Baffles at soffit vents

      • Vapor barrier




At the conclusion of the inspection,                                     provides a comprehensive report detailing necessary repairs and/or replacements including photo documentation. Ask about                                     '  annual roof maintenance program to keep your roof in top condition leading to longer life expectancy. Roofs account for only about 10% of a home's construction cost but are the most common major repair faced by homeowners. Your roof keeps extreme weather outside so your family is safe, comfortable and dry inside. Contact us today.

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